Close to 30 years ago, a group of environmentalists decided enough was enough. Disgusted by the trash lining the Tennessee River, they started a grassroots efforts to make a difference in the Scenic City.

Each year volunteers help protect our source of drinking water during Tennessee River Rescue. Hundreds of people fan out across 20 zones in Bradley, Hamilton and Marion counties to clean up the banks of the Tennessee River and some tributaries. Tons of tires, plastic bottles and other trash have been removed by these eco-warriors over the years.

Formed in 1988, this grass roots work is starting to pay dividends, but there will always be a need for this effort. “We have noticed significant declines in the amounts of garbage we are removing from some of the zones,” said event coordinator Christine Bock. “It would be nice to find ourselves out of business one day, but right now that seems like wishful thinking.”  

Please call Christine at 423-785-4024 if you would like to run a zone or bring a group.